Fuss-Free Bankruptcy – In-Depth

The Law Offices of Lance L. Lee Introduces the Truly Fuss-Free Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

1.  I understand that just considering filing bankruptcy is already a very difficult step to take.

Free Initial Consultation

I will offer a free initial consultation to fully evaluate whether you qualify for Chapter 7 relief, and to explain the pros and cons involved particular to your case.
Note that contrary to what you may have read, many over-median people qualify for Chapter 7 relief.

Off-Site Consultations Available

I even offer off-site consultations for a nominal fee — which would be fully credited against your quoted fee if you then decided to retain my services.

I understand that people do not make the decision to file bankruptcy lightly.  So, I try to make the process as easy as possible for my clients.

2.  If you decide to file a bankruptcy and retain my services, I will make it as easy and painless as possible for you.

Minimal Paperwork

I have minimized the paperwork that you would need to provide.  It is truly a short list.
As an alternative to your completing a long, paper questionnaire, I offer an online questionnaire or an interview in lieu of a having to fill out a long paper questionnaire.

Responsive and Prompt

I will personally and promptly respond to all of your emails, and personally answer or promptly respond to your calls.  I will personally review your submittals and personally prepare your legal documents.

And, in most cases, your case will be ready for filing within one week of your submitting the minimal amount of paperwork needed.

3.  I will Offer a Competitive, Affordable Rate

Ridiculously Low Rates Imply “One-Size-Fits-All” Representation

Some cases are easier than others.  Attorneys who offer ridiculously low rates for all cases will often scoff at taking on cases that are complex — or worse, handle them like simpler cases!  They offer one-size-fits-all service on all cases.

The problem is that one size does not fit all when it comes to bankruptcy — definitely not all chapter 7 cases!  Some cases require more attention, and quality representation simply cannot be provided at those low rates.

Regardless of the flat fee I charge, EVERY case is unique, and every case can run into trouble if it is not treated seriously.  That is why every case, no matter how simple, needs to be handled proficiently.  So, don’t look to pay so little that an attorney could not afford to devote substantial time to your case — or you may pay later in other ways.

Very Competitive Rates!

That stated, I do offer very competitive rates, but they will fluctuate based on complexity.  Still, my fee for most cases will range from $800 to $1,250.  In most cases, the additional legal costs will total another $400 ($335 filing fee, $65 for credit report and 2 required courses) — although filers with very low income may be able to waive these costs.

In almost all cases, I will be able to offer filing without all of the attorney fee and costs paid.  This will allow you to STOP GARNISHMENTS SOONER, as nothing short of filing bankruptcy will stop ongoing garnishments.

4.  I will keep you updated on all facets of your case.

And I don’t disappear into the woodwork after your case is filed.  You will be promptly informed of all events that occur in your case.  And, you will continue to enjoy prompt replies your questions and concerns via emails and phone calls.

Call or Email for a Free Consultation Today.

Instead of wondering whether you qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy and whether it would suit your needs, get an evaluation and advice for an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

You’ll feel better regardless of the result.  And, you’ll be one step closer to taking control of your finances.
Most people who decide to file bankruptcy have one regret in common — that they waited so long to file.  Don’t be one of those people!

Make an appointment for an initial consultation today.

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